Photo Restoration

Do you have a precious photo of a loved one that needs some tender loving care? If so, you've come to the right place.

At The Picture Gallery we can restore your photos and bring them back to their former glory. If your cherished photo has been torn, damaged, scratched or simply faded with age – we can restore it for you. We can also add colour to your black and white photos, remove unwanted people or objects, change the background, smooth out wrinkles, remove mould damage and stains or simply enhance a badly lit photo, the options are endless.

How much does it cost?
No two photos are the same. Before we can give you a price we need to assess your photo first to determine the cost to restore it. The best way to do this is to bring it in to our shop and speak to a member of staff. The price includes high quality scanning of your original image up to A4 size, and the restored image printed up to 8"x12". We can also email the restored image to you at no extra charge if you require. For a rough guide the prices range between £25 - £60 for most restoration jobs but it will depend on the work involved at restoring your image. Very complex images could cost more and you would be told this when we give you a quote.

How it works.
We scan your original photo at our factory shop in Bedford and make a digital copy - as it’s the digital version which is restored by our restoration artists. Once the photo has been scanned we will give it back to you and give you a price. If you are happy with the price and would like to go ahead, we would require full payment before any work is done – this can be by card over the phone, or by popping into our shop to pay in person. Once you have paid for your restoration, we ask you to allow 3-5 working days for the work to be completed. We will ring you when your restoration is ready to collect.

In the unlikely event that you were not happy with the results we would re-do your photo until you are happy with it, at no extra cost.

Pop in and see us soon with your restoration requirements and get a free no obligation quote to restore your cherished photos.